Retail Me Not

This blog post is geared more towards commercial retail design. The reason being is because I started school and got my first project which is retail. I never thought I would be interested in retail design because there is so much that goes into it but after searching around a bit today, I think I am going to really enjoy it. I am very much interested in the psychology of color, marketing, and the organization of a store in order to get people to buy.  Here are my favorites that I found.


Moré / Cando Design Lab




Moré is a retail shop that specializes in selling handmade shoes and handbags from the best european brands. What I like about this store the most is the focal point. It is eye catching, and even if you didn’t want to buy anything, it makes you want to at least step foot inside to see what it’s all about. I’m not completely sure but it looks to me like their design concept is derived from a single thread – hence the fiber optics hanging from the ceiling.


Dri Dri at Saint Martins Lanes Hotel / Elips Design 




What I like about this design the most are the graphics. I love the graphic gelato elements on the exterior glass of the store. I think they are colorful and fun but not overwhelming like color can sometimes be to some people. The glass also gives a “refreshing” look to the space which adds to the fact that it is a gelato shop. I also love the white and yellow striped platform you walk on to enter the space. It’s ethereal and makes you want to follow it to see where it goes… almost like following the yellow brick road and brings you right back to the cashier.


Daniela Corte



Throughout my research I’ve found that more curvilinear elements and natural looking things will entice a person into a store rather than too many straight lines or sharp edges. This store is designed in a very linear fashion but the edges on everything are rounded and soft. It’s also designed in white to make the merchandise stand out with a bit of wood in it to give a more natural feel to the space. You can really see what you’re looking at in here. In some stores like Anthropolgie I feel like you get lost in those stores because everything looks the exact same and blends together. I also love the clothes pins in the ceiling. They add a ton of character and dimension to something that is otherwise very straightforward and linear.

What do you guys think?


August Beauty Faves


Moroccanoil Treatment/ This stuff usually runs around $40 for the large bottle and it lasts about 3 months since you don’t need to use a lot, even if you have long hair. They come in smaller sizes but I’m not sure how much those are. I always use this on wet hair right after I get out of the shower to lock in moisture. I especially use it on my ends where breakage typically occurs, and then work my way up to the roots. I then comb out my hair and blow dry. This stuff will protect your hair against sun and wind damage. There are some people who are really against this stuff because they say it has silicone in it, which is what makes it so easy to comb through your hair, and that silicone can really dry out your hair. Silicone can dry out your hair but  at the same time it can lock in moisture, which is why I think that people who try to really hate on this product just don’t apply it correctly. It doesn’t work as well if you apply it to dry hair, but if you apply it to wet hair, it’s more likely to aid in protecting your hair and getting rid of split ends because it locks in that moisture.

Moroccanoil Hair Repair Mask/ This one ran me $50 the last time I got it, but again, it lasts a long time… even if you have long hair like I do. I usually only use it once a week after I shampoo and let it sit for 5 or 10 minutes while I do other things and then rinse it out. This is a good conditioning option for your hair if you have really dry hair or are trying to get rid of split ends and reduce breakage.


Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo/ I use this because I have the other Moroccanoil products and it just works best with those. I also like this shampoo because it doesn’t cause build-up like other shampoos and it keeps your hair light. I usually pay around $60 for an entire liter of it and it lasts 3 months with 2 people in my house using it.


Argan Oil/ If you’re freaked out by the silicone in the Moroccanoil, you could try using 100% pure argan oil on your hair instead. Moroccanoil only contains a certain percentage of argan oil in it. I’ve used argan oil on my hair before, but not long enough to see results. I mostly use it on my skin at night before I go to bed, and I wake up and my skin looks really dewy in the morning. I suggest not using this during the day as it might cause acne since it is an oil. You also only need a little bit of it. Oil goes a long way.


Victoria’s Secret Bombshell In Paradise Body Mist/ I love this stuff. It’s cheaper than the perfume version, smells just as good, and is a good pick me up in the afternoon when you can’t jump in the shower and you feel like you need something to freshen up. This thing was a life saver on the beach, and when I went on float trips.


I posted these products under August since it is still summer, and summer can cause a lot of damage to your hair and skin with stronger sun rays and a lot of wind. Some people might still be going on vacations, or planning on late vacations, and this stuff will help where ever your plan to go. They are also good products for transitioning into fall when the air starts to get colder. They are perfect year-round products.

Flea Market Design

A lot of people are mistaken that great design has to be expensive. If you’re really on a tight budget and you’re still trying to figure out what to do with a room in your house, flea market design might be an option. I like flea market design because it adds an old world charm to a space, and it also uses a lot of texture. You can get just about anything at a flea market, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for there, then you could try estate sales or the thrift shop. In some cities goodwill even has outlet stores and those are good places to look for interesting items as well. You can always find old trunks or suitcases that you could turn into a bedside table, old light fixtures that could be polished up, etc. There are tons of DIY’s for this kind of handy crafty thing on google if you’re unsure of how to go about doing this. Here are some of my favorite examples of flea market design below.


flea market design


flea market

flea market

flea market interior design

flea market interior

flea market interior design




What do you guys think of this style? What have you done with flea market design?



Rustic Interior Design

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Over the summer, people have been obsessed with bright colors. People are walking around in neon colored shorts, shoes, jeans, etc. I think this fall a lot of that is going to take a huge turn. Over the last year industrial design styles have been creeping their way into the scene more and more. I wouldn’t say they are on the forefront of trendy, since right now bright colors and aztec seem to be the way to go, but it’s definitely getting there and I think this fall it’s going to be a big thing. People are obsessing over these moody masculine rustic spaces with a lot of raw texture. And why wouldn’t they? These types of spaces create a lot of raw natural beauty.











Color Blocking Trend For Interiors

Color blocking has been a new trend lately. I’ve seen it mostly in fashion, especially right now in August, but I think the trend is quickly moving to interiors and architecture. Many people might be scared of color blocking, especially in their home because a lot of people get anxiety over picking out paint colors.  Color blocking is usually always a strong relationship of contrasting colors, but if done the right way, it can really look amazing. Here are some of my favorites that use color blocking and I encourage people to try it out. It’s only paint — you can paint over it if you don’t like it. 🙂






Right now the trend is to use bright saturated colors, but if that’s too much for you, color blocking can be done in other ways too. I tried to provide more conservative examples below.



Kennedy Sugar Rush

Hey everyone! So just a little background info – my name is Nicole and I’m pursuing my B.F.A. of Interior Design. I’m interested in all things design, beauty, and art related so I decided to start a blog to document my interests and to also help other people find unique personal styles, whether it be in fashion, beauty, or in their home.

I decided to do my first blog post on a little nail art design. The design is nothing fancy, but I think the red-orange and tan colors are a unique combination. Personally I’ve always struggled with red as a color, probably because when I was 4 I ate too many cherry popsicles and got really sick so ever since then I’ve struggled with anything cherry flavored or remotely red in color. Lately I’ve been trying to add more red to my wardrobe, even if it is just by adding red-orangue hues, and I’ve been taking baby steps to do that.



I chose to use Julep – Kennedy and Julie G – Sugar Rush together to do a diagonal pattern with polk-a-dots. I hadn’t used either nail polishes before, but each one went on nicely and I will probably use them again in the future. Kennedy by Julep is a beautiful tan color however it looks a bit more yellow on the nail than it does in the bottle. That doesn’t really bother me since I think the yellowness of the color goes well with the red-orange diagonal. Sugar Rush by Julie G is a dark orange, with red undertones and gold flecks.  It isn’t supposed to get a top coat because it’s apart of the Frosted Gum Drops collection at Rite Aide and it is supposed to be a textured nail polish, but I had to because my nails chip too easily since I work in a restaurant. I think it looks just as beautiful with a top coat on.


I couldn’t resist wearing my snake ring I found at Old Navy earlier this summer. I don’t know if it is still there or not, since I found it in the clearance section.

What do you guys think? What are your favorite colors to use on nails or in your wardrobe?