Julep Maven: Boho Glam September Box







I got my September box of Julep in Boho Glam. I couldn’t remember which box I picked for this month, so it was a nice surprise! I am in love with Tatiana, the orange nail polish. I think it’s perfect for October (even though it’s in the September box) – what do you guys think? The other nail polish looks black in the picture, but it’s just an extremely dark blue. It’s so moody, I love it! I can’t use these polishes yet until I catch up from my other nail polishes from this summer.

I am relatively new to being a Julep Maven, but so far I like it. I love their packaging. Each box was packaged specifically for each customer depending on what they picked. I also think the amount of product you get for the money you spend each month is good. This month I got 2 nail polishes, a full-sized package of bare face cleansing oil, and a small packet of nail polish removing pads. Anywhere else all of this probably would’ve ran me around $30. You also get points after each subscription, and you can use those points to get free things like another nail polish, another beauty product, etc. It’s not hard to accrue points either… just after a couple of months of being on their subscription you should have enough for a free nail polish! If you’re into beauty products like I am, I recommend Julep.