Retail Me Not

This blog post is geared more towards commercial retail design. The reason being is because I started school and got my first project which is retail. I never thought I would be interested in retail design because there is so much that goes into it but after searching around a bit today, I think I am going to really enjoy it. I am very much interested in the psychology of color, marketing, and the organization of a store in order to get people to buy.  Here are my favorites that I found.


Moré / Cando Design Lab




Moré is a retail shop that specializes in selling handmade shoes and handbags from the best european brands. What I like about this store the most is the focal point. It is eye catching, and even if you didn’t want to buy anything, it makes you want to at least step foot inside to see what it’s all about. I’m not completely sure but it looks to me like their design concept is derived from a single thread – hence the fiber optics hanging from the ceiling.


Dri Dri at Saint Martins Lanes Hotel / Elips Design 




What I like about this design the most are the graphics. I love the graphic gelato elements on the exterior glass of the store. I think they are colorful and fun but not overwhelming like color can sometimes be to some people. The glass also gives a “refreshing” look to the space which adds to the fact that it is a gelato shop. I also love the white and yellow striped platform you walk on to enter the space. It’s ethereal and makes you want to follow it to see where it goes… almost like following the yellow brick road and brings you right back to the cashier.


Daniela Corte



Throughout my research I’ve found that more curvilinear elements and natural looking things will entice a person into a store rather than too many straight lines or sharp edges. This store is designed in a very linear fashion but the edges on everything are rounded and soft. It’s also designed in white to make the merchandise stand out with a bit of wood in it to give a more natural feel to the space. You can really see what you’re looking at in here. In some stores like Anthropolgie I feel like you get lost in those stores because everything looks the exact same and blends together. I also love the clothes pins in the ceiling. They add a ton of character and dimension to something that is otherwise very straightforward and linear.

What do you guys think?