August Beauty Faves


Moroccanoil Treatment/ This stuff usually runs around $40 for the large bottle and it lasts about 3 months since you don’t need to use a lot, even if you have long hair. They come in smaller sizes but I’m not sure how much those are. I always use this on wet hair right after I get out of the shower to lock in moisture. I especially use it on my ends where breakage typically occurs, and then work my way up to the roots. I then comb out my hair and blow dry. This stuff will protect your hair against sun and wind damage. There are some people who are really against this stuff because they say it has silicone in it, which is what makes it so easy to comb through your hair, and that silicone can really dry out your hair. Silicone can dry out your hair but  at the same time it can lock in moisture, which is why I think that people who try to really hate on this product just don’t apply it correctly. It doesn’t work as well if you apply it to dry hair, but if you apply it to wet hair, it’s more likely to aid in protecting your hair and getting rid of split ends because it locks in that moisture.

Moroccanoil Hair Repair Mask/ This one ran me $50 the last time I got it, but again, it lasts a long time… even if you have long hair like I do. I usually only use it once a week after I shampoo and let it sit for 5 or 10 minutes while I do other things and then rinse it out. This is a good conditioning option for your hair if you have really dry hair or are trying to get rid of split ends and reduce breakage.


Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo/ I use this because I have the other Moroccanoil products and it just works best with those. I also like this shampoo because it doesn’t cause build-up like other shampoos and it keeps your hair light. I usually pay around $60 for an entire liter of it and it lasts 3 months with 2 people in my house using it.


Argan Oil/ If you’re freaked out by the silicone in the Moroccanoil, you could try using 100% pure argan oil on your hair instead. Moroccanoil only contains a certain percentage of argan oil in it. I’ve used argan oil on my hair before, but not long enough to see results. I mostly use it on my skin at night before I go to bed, and I wake up and my skin looks really dewy in the morning. I suggest not using this during the day as it might cause acne since it is an oil. You also only need a little bit of it. Oil goes a long way.


Victoria’s Secret Bombshell In Paradise Body Mist/ I love this stuff. It’s cheaper than the perfume version, smells just as good, and is a good pick me up in the afternoon when you can’t jump in the shower and you feel like you need something to freshen up. This thing was a life saver on the beach, and when I went on float trips.


I posted these products under August since it is still summer, and summer can cause a lot of damage to your hair and skin with stronger sun rays and a lot of wind. Some people might still be going on vacations, or planning on late vacations, and this stuff will help where ever your plan to go. They are also good products for transitioning into fall when the air starts to get colder. They are perfect year-round products.